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Exceptions, Permits and Certificates

Additional Information

  • For further inquiries, please contact: or the Sanctions Hotline: 1-833-352-0769

  • The Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List provides a searchable list of persons designated under SEMA or the JVCFOA

  • The United Nations Security Council Consolidated List provides a full list of persons designated under UN sanctions

  • The Permits and Certificates page provides additional information on how to make an application to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sanctions often contain exceptions to allow for specified activities to occur (e.g., humanitarian activities, fulfilling prior contracts, diplomatic relations)

Minister of Foreign Affairs may issue a permit to authorize activities otherwise prohibited by SEMA and JVCFOA, but this is only possible in exceptional circumstances

The Minister may issue a certificate to authorize activities otherwise prohibited by UN sanctions (in consultation with the relevant UN Security Council committee)​​

Applications can be made to the Sanctions Policy and Operations Coordination Division (

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