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Sanction Information and Penalties

  1. Sanctions must be respected by any person located in Canada and Canadian located or engaged in activities abroad;

  2. Contravening sanctions is an offence;

  3. CBSA and RCMP enforce these regulations.

  4. SEMA and JVCFOA maximum penalties:

    • ​Summary conviction - $25,000 fine /1-year prison term

    • Conviction on indictment – 5-year prison term

  5. UNA maximum penalties:

    • ​$100,000 fine/1-year prison term 

    • Conviction on indictment – 10-year prison term


  • RCMP = Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • UNA = United Nations Act

  • SEMA = Special Economic Measures Act

  • CBSA = Canada Border Services Agency

  • JVCFOA = Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (Sergei Magnitsky Law)

Additional Information

  • ● For further inquiries, please contact: or the Sanctions Hotline: 1-833-352-0769

  • The Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List provides a searchable list of persons designated under SEMA or the JVCFOA

  • The United Nations Security Council Consolidated List provides a full list of persons designated under UN sanctions

  • The Permits and Certificates page provides additional information on how to make an application to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

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